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  • Jan 08, 2019

When it comes to pre-owned inventory, your customers want what they want, when they want it. NPA recognizes that not everyone can wait for a monthly auction to replenish their pre-owned inventory. So they have upped the ante by expanding their NPA eSale™ to sell units every business day of the year, giving dealers even more opportunities when buying and selling.


“NPA’s eSale platform is specifically designed for those dealers who need to buy or sell pre-owned inventory between our monthly live auctions,” explains VP of marketing Ryan Keefe. “By closing Monday through Friday, dealers have ample time to bid and purchase inventory from NPA locations around the country.”  In addition, NPA has shortened the average run time for units offered on NPA eSale to 2 business days. 


Ultimately what this means for NPA’s dealers is more availability and even faster inventory turns. If you have a good weekend, you can restock immediately on NPA eSale or one of NPA’s six monthly live auctions.


“NPA is constantly striving to make it easier for our powersports customers to do business,” adds NPA COO Jim Woodruff. “With more locations and more inventory available than ever before, our expansion of NPA eSale means fresh inventory is now just a click away.”


Have a cup of coffee and learn how you can always be closing at  https://www.npauctions.com/eSaleStart.aspx.



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