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BEST way to clean your chain MESS FREE: ChainBath

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  • May 04, 2020


Serial inventor Daniel Chiriac has come up with a chain cleaning innovation he calls ChainBath. "Clean the bike's chain easy, fast, mess free and save the environment," he says. 



-easy to use (could be tool less)

-fast (less than 4 min from start to end)

-mess free (clean hands, very important especially on the road)

-environmentally friendly ( collects everything for proper disposal)

-no back pain (it just needs to walk the bike and the chain goes through the solution)

-efficient cleaning (the only solution on the market where the chain is completely submerged while on the bike)

-cleans all the surfaces of the chain (especially the rubber seals)

-works with stand or without stand

-and more...


Available for licensing, contact: 

(514) 776-6576

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