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  • Dec 07, 2018

EBR Motorcycles is back? Well, three of them, anyway. “The approach is to keep it boutique and high performance driven, ala Bugatti, Koenigsegg Automotive AB or Lotus Cars," says Bill Melvin who is leading the company he acquired in 2016. “We are going to keep the iconic brand in production with specialized and performance builds.”


EBR brought two of its top assemblers to Grand Rapids, where they are hand-building three of the EBR 1190 superbikes. Melvin and his father, Bill Melvin Sr., are motorcycle enthusiasts & industry experts with involvement in the sale process of the Indian Motorcycle factory in 2004, the American Ironhorse Motorcycle factory in 2009, the Buell factory in 2010, and have assisted in the sale of major distributors, dealers, and suppliers.


Engine builder Eric Weber “Eroc” and chassis builder Elliot Malzahn recently put the finishing touches on their first three editions, whose fairings will get custom paint treatments to celebrate their return. Weber began building motorcycles at the Buell factory in 1996. Malzahn began in 2000.


“It's great to see the iconic legacy in experienced hands like Eroc and Elliot,” says Melvin. “We are fortunate the team of legacy employees stay involved to keep the only American Superbike in production. We recently received our 2019 EPA certification.”


For more information about EBR Motorcycles, call 262-642-1627 or email

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