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  • Jun 02, 2020



As if the COVID-closures weren’t bad enough, civil unrest rocking the nation has hit close to home for the powersports industry. Rioters targeted Honda Town and Scooterville — a locally-owned, single-proprietor shop offering low-cost transportation to the community — in the first wave of rioting and looting in Minneapolis. Then the Dainese D-Stores in Santa Monica and Chicago were caught up in the chaos this weekend as was the largest Zero dealer in the nation, Hollywood Electrics. Any other dealers out there suffer damage?

Ed Cook of AF1 Racing in Austin, Texas suggested our next article, based on the chaos. “Commercial insurance policies rarely cover events like this — terrorism, riots, looting, acts of god are exclusions. I bet many dealers don't know this. It's buried in the fine print. Be good to talk about, get some awareness, and get some insurance companies to chime in on their policies.” Thanks Ed, we are on it!

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