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  • Jan 13, 2021

Each week National Powersport Auctions provides data for both the on-road and off-road segments, including leading indicators like Weekly Average Sale Price, Average Mileage & Model Age, Average Sale Price Vs MSRP and Average Sale Price Vs Book Value. “With nearly 20 years of transactional data, we help banks, investors, manufacturers and dealers accurately understand the direction of the industry,” says VP of Marketing Ryan Keefe.

 “NPA’s auction values and Value Guide have become the authoritative source for values on powersport vehicles of all types.”  Now NPA's Weekly Auction Insight Report provides a snapshot of the pre-owned market based on transactional data collected at each auction.

Report Highlights

With the change in the 2021 auction schedule, we only had one auction last week. Overall Price-to-Book, bidders and conversion was all in line with prior months

• The On-Road ASP saw a -$3,500 drop in the average wholesale price (AWP) vs. the previous week.

• This decrease in AWP was due to a larger population of metric bikes being sold.

• This week was the first week since December the average mileage in On-Road units increased vs. the prior week.

• Only minor fluctuations in price, miles/hours, and model age occurred in the Off-Road section this week compared to last week. Book value did drop compared to a stable AWP week-to-week.

Industry Insights

• The percentage of trade-ins at dealerships across the country continue to decline.

• Service departments remain full.

• New inventory is still limited.

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