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  • Apr 14, 2021


Mark your calendars for April 22 and register now for the first of three dealer roundtable discussions hosted by the Motorcycle Industry Council and moderated by Gart Sutton as part of MIC’s monthly Symposium Series. Dealer Roundtable, Part 1, promises to hit all the hot topics of a post-pandemic market place. Discussion topics will include:

- How do we sell and maintain the sales process with no product on the floor?

     o Keeping the sales team motivated;

     o Keeping the flow moving with a pre-sale process;

     o Taking pre-sale deposits…or not;

     o Accessorizing before displaying on the lot, and

     o What can the SxS business learn from other market segments

- How do we keep focused on hot product segments without losing site of the slower segments (e.g. SxS vs big cruisers)?

- Maximizing F&I on pre-sold or limited availability units.

- How to get major units accessorized at the time of sale without completely disrupting the service department.

- How to manage accessory ordering and stocking given product supply chain issues and storage and handling constraints.

About the panelists:

Kevin Lackey, an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.  Lackey is the President and CEO of Freedom Powersports.  After working for more than 14 years at Family Powersports in Wetherford, Texas, Lackey purchased his first dealership in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.  With 13 dealerships in Texas, Georgia and Alabama, he has grown the business to over $200 million in annual sales revenue and employs more than 350 people across multiple states.  Lackey serves on multiple leadership and community boards and committees including MIC’s Dealer Advisory Council.  The key to Lackey’s success: "I love people. I love to hear people's stories. I like to get to know people. I think that some of my biggest success with sales is that I'm very authentic. I'm genuine. I love the challenge of the sale and ringing the bell, but not unless I can do it from a place of integrity.

Alvin Atkinson is General Manager at Diamond Motor Sports in Dover, Delaware. He started his retail career in the RV industry and worked himself up from a detailer to service manager. Once Atkinson made his crossover to the powersports arena, he went from a sales manager to GM. One of his greatest accomplishments is “breaking down the walls” between Service and Sales by incorporating a “Walk-as-One” dealership culture. His success drove the store from a struggling business to a highly profitable enterprise. Atkinson’s secret? People, processes, checklist, and accountability. He is a prominent member of the Best Operators Club 20-Group.

Robert Hintz is General Manager and Vice President of Engelhart Motorsports in Madison, Wisconsin. He began his retail career working in sales and F&I within the auto industry. Starting in the finance department of Englehart in 1993, Hintz has worked in all the dealership’s departments over the last 28 years. With a highly profitable motorsports campus, Hintz is an expert in building teams and making the store a destination.  He has served on many OEM Dealer Advisory Councils and was on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Dealer Association.  Additionally, Hintz served as Chair of the Best Operators Club, a 20-Group in existence for 32-years.

Gart Sutton is a powersports industry management consultant, retailing expert, and avid rider. His skill-set includes keynote speaking, facilitating educational workshops, and moderating dealer groups. In addition, Sutton develops extensive training solutions for powersports manufacturers and distributors while staying current with his on-site dealership training and consulting. He has moderated hundreds of Powersports 20 Group meetings in the U.S. and Canada over the past four decades.

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