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  • Sep 07, 2021


NPDA has been formed by dealers, for dealers, which Dealernews supports wholeheartedly. However, Dealernews is not NPDA! Granted, it gets a little confusing since the magazine has been covering the efforts of the “Founding Incorporators” for the better part of two years, starting with the surveys of the Dealers appetite for such an Association, and many of our contributors were part of an ad hoc committee assisting with some of the fact finding and dealer temperature taking exercises leading up to the historic moment in Texas. For the record NPDA is now stood up on its own two wheels, has duly elected officers, a bank account and operating budget, incorporation filed and 501 (c) status applied for.

Bob Althoff and the founding incorporators can explain it better, but although Bob is involved with both Dealernews and NPDA (as well as formerly being a member Harley-Davidson’s Dealer Advisory Council and heading the MIC Dealer Advisory Council before Rick Alcon was recently appointed), NPDA is not a Dealernews organization. The process was self-selecting as dealers from around the country raised their hands and opened their wallets to stand this Association up.

Still confused? So am I, but here is the longer version of the explanation:


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