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Dealernews Live! Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Boots Have Sole!

  • Dealernews
  • Jul 23, 2019


After being a Gas Tank finalist at the AIMExpo in Las Vegas, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber is kicking doors down and making strides into the motorcycle market. “Being a motorcyclist for over 10 years, I struggled to find a women's riding boot that hit somewhere on the spectrum between fashion and function, so I decided to make my own,” explains Emilie Schwenk. 

“Combining my high-profile work in the fashion industry and my love of motorcycles, the concept of Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber was born.  When the first three boot styles were launched fall of 2015, the response from fellow riders and fashion icons was immediate and impassioned. 

The need for this type of product in the women's market could not be ignored.” She breaks it down for Dealernews Diversity Columnist Alisa Clickenger.

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity and humbled to be a part of this growing community!”


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