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  • Aug 12, 2022


After a wildly successful pre-order period on July 1, Volcon has announced its new Stag is powering ahead via General Motors powerplants. Although the Stag hasn't exactly been the best kept secret, the connection with GM definitely was. In addition to battery cell modules, the Stag (and the still under wraps "Project X" vehicle) will use a number of supporting components from GM. This should greatly accelerate time to market for the EV UTV.

“General Motors has transformed from an automaker to a platform innovator, with scalable architectures designed to accelerate EV adoption across different industries and product types,” says Travis Hester, GM Vice President of EV Growth Operations. “Our work with Volcon is indicative of our plans and demonstrates the flexibility of the platform as well as potential applications well beyond traditional vehicles.”

The GM propulsion system will provide instant high power and torque, with AWD capabilities, enabling the Stag to have exceptional acceleration and speed recovery in a variety of terrains. Variable driving modes will allow the driver to adjust the power delivery to optimize performance or range according to the needs, while the innovative cockpit will provide a class leading human-machine interface (HMI), including multiple displays, and the capability to generate content and connectivity via the Volcon App. All of which will increase the driver’s interaction with friends and community.

“Bringing GM’s electric vehicle expertise and systems to the Stag will produce an off-road experience that could set the standard for the entire industry. Having access to immediate power and torque along with the customizable digital integrations that the Stag will offer, creates the perfect balance for a class leading UTV,” adds Christian Okonsky, CTO of Volcon ePowersports. “Everyone at Volcon has worked so hard to bring the best possible UTV to market and our alignment with GM could not be a better fit for making this project become a reality. 

"We save an enormous amount of R&D expense and gain years of drivetrain testing and validation by joining forces with GM. In essence, we significantly reduce our time and cost to get to market.” Volcon also continues to explore racing opportunities with the Stag. Volcon Technology Innovation Group (VTIG) has invested substantial efforts toward developing a competitive off-road race UTV which is expected to raise the bar in off-road racing with the help of GM EV technology.  

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