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  • Jan 15, 2020



Retailers have been getting reminder letters from FMF regarding their MAP policies. "Just as with product development for our segment, FMF was a pioneer in this area," notes FMF Director Of Sales Doug Muellner. Even before the advent of e-comm, FMF implemented Dealer Trade Guidelines back in 2000. "It was primarily address Discount Mail Order advertising in all the various enthusiast magazines back then," he explains.

"We certainly understand marketplace competition today, however our entire team puts too much heart and soul into every aspect of the business every single day to allow FMF Racing products to be sold on simply the lowest advertised price across any medium."

FMF has sent its dealers and distributors a courtesy letter explaining MAP and retained a monitoring agency. The first communication from MAP tracking FMF Racing came this past week. Successive communications not so informational nor courteous will be issued to anyone not adhering to MAP. 




To Whom It May Concern,

(We wish to respect your privacy and time. Please forward to the appropriate person(s) within your organization as needed and advise for efficient future communication.)

Your sales efforts and results for the FMF Racing brand & products continue to be very sincerely appreciated, thank you. Rest assured as we have for the previous 47+ years, our FMF Team will continue to develop, produce (in the USA), effectively promote, and supply high quality performance exhaust products for the Powersports Industry. 

FMF’s Domestic Dealer Trade Guidelines & Policies have been in existence since January 2000, attached to this communication for your records is an updated version of those Guidelines and Policies. Please give proper consideration to this informational message.

One section of the Trade Guidelines and Policies is concerned with advertised prices, commonly referred to as MAP pricing. We’ve found it increasingly necessary to pursue a higher level of compliance in this area, across all mediums. With the start of the New Year we wanted to make you aware we have initiated new, and will continue going forward with, increased efforts to bolster and support the FMF name and product value in the marketplace overall - particularly, but not limited to this area of MAP pricing compliance. Please consider this a first notice and be so advised. 

 This is a unilateral action by FMF Racing to ensure proper consumer expectations, an even playing field across the marketplace and increased profit potential for all. Throughout FMF’s history Dealer support has been critical, we endeavor to maintain that mutually gained loyalty through fair trade practices.

With best wishes for a prosperous 2020 and increased sales across all brands & products.

Kind Regards,

FMF Racing


"Throughout FMF Racing’s nearly 50 year history, we’ve produced, marketed and supplied a quality product and always supported the entire Dealer network; we endeavor to maintain the loyalty gained through fair trade policies and practices.”



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