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  • May 31, 2024



The Motorcycle Industry Council’s Ride.With.Us. program’s mission is to inspire people to ride; help minimize the barriers to entry, create an encouraging and welcoming community resulting in more riders riding more. To help more people “Get Ready to Ride”, MIC is expanding the content and resources on its rider portal, increasing its social media messaging and now incentivizing the path to ridership with a free helmet. 

To be eligible for the Instagram campaign, participants were asked:

What kind of rider do you aspire to be: Adventure (@answerracing), Offroad (@firstgearmoto) or Street (@ssgear)?

To enter, follow the steps below for a chance to win:

1. Like the giveaway post on our Instagram page

2. Follow us on Instagram @RideWithUsMoto

3. Tag a friend and comment which helmet you would pick

Check out the post that launched people on the path to ridership here:

This latest Instagram promotion wrapped up May 26, so it is still a bit early to tabulate the traffic, but MIC VP of Ridership Cinnamon Kernes has been pleased with the program. “But the more tangible takeaway is that use of our Dealer Search Tool at the Ride.With.Us. portal is blowing up. Our previous strategy was to show motorcycling to a broad audience; our new strategy is focusing more on going after people who have shown an interest, but are not currently motorcyclists… and it is working.”

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