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FRX1 Freeride Trail Bike

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  • Sep 05, 2019


UBCO, the New Zealand-based eBike company, is planning to unveil its new FRX1 Freeride Trail bike at AIMExpo. “Last year saw the initial launch of the UBCO brand to US dealers and since then we’ve signed up almost 40 dealers across the country," says UBCO’s US President, Ethan Ralston. "AIMExpo is not only an excellent launching platform for new OEMs but it’s been great to work with them to highlight leading new electric vehicle OEMs in the U.S. such as ours.”

UBCO recently announced it has entered into a general agreement with Lithuanian-based Neematic to bring Neematic's free ride electric bike concept into the UBCO product family as the FRX1 (Freeride Trail Bike One). With its 20hp peak power brushless motor, lightweight mid-drive frame and hardcore off-road suspension, UBCO views the FRX1 as the perfect fusion of MTB and dirt bike, adding another dimension to UBCO's growing product line.

The new bike boasts a twist throttle with Super Pedal Assist, as well as long-travel suspension and hydraulic brakes in a package that weighs 115 lb and can reach 50mph. Charging time is 2.5 hours and range is up to 62 miles, with 10% charging available through the regenerative braking system.

UBCO was formed in New Zealand by Timothy Allan, Daryl Neal and Anthony Clyde in 2015. The first product was the 2x2, a dual electric drive utility motorbike, which was used in the agricultural and recreational market. It entered service at the start of 2016 and since then has been in continuous service with New Zealand’s notoriously tough farm users, who have played a key role in the product development. The original off-road 2x2 has now evolved into a road registered “dual-purpose” utility vehicle.

“It’s vitally important to establish credibility in the marketplace, and AIMExpo allows that,” explained Timothy Allan, CEO at UBCO Ltd. “Attending industry shows over an extended period allows dealers and consumers to get to know the brand and the people behind it. We’re also committed to developing a strong nationwide dealer network and we see AIMExpo as a key component in achieving that.”

"The UBCO 2x2 is being used in a wide array of environments and with the FRX1 we now we have the ability to offer another solution to our existing customers, while also tapping into new markets with our utility and performance product lines,” Tim continued. “One machine can’t meet everybody’s needs, but a variety of solutions allows us to reach new customers and be more attractive to potential dealers.”

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