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Speaking of the 1980s, Depeche Mode got it right when they suggested it was important to “get the balance right” — to that end, Rabaconda, the leader in portable motorcycle tire tools, is rocking their new Motorcycle Wheel Balancer. Use it as a shop tool and for retail to your DIY-minded customers alike since it pairs perfectly with Rabaconda’s popular Street Bike Tire Changer. 

“Ever since we released our hugely popular Street Bike Tire Changer, we have heard an unprecedented number of requests for a wheel balancer to go with it,” explains Rabaconda co-founder Tony Kallast. “We’re happy to release our highly anticipated Motorcycle Wheel Balancer. Like all of our other products, it’s a well thought out tool and a premium product that will last for years to come.”

Following the brand’s “designed by riders for riders” philosophy, the Rabaconda Motorcycle Wheel Balancer has taken the tried and true concept of the static wheel balancer to a completely new level, claims Kallast. Notable innovations include their trademarked HACS — Hand Adjustable Cone System — which makes for quick and easy wheel centering. Durable sealed ball bearings ensure a consistent low friction rotation and allows for the perfect balance every time. 

Another key differentiator is that the Motorcycle Wheel Balancer can be used on a workbench or, if bench space is an issue (like it is for many of us), on the wall of a garage, workshop, trailer or toy hauler with the included wall mount bracket. In keeping with the hallmarks of all Rabaconda products, the Motorcycle Wheel Balancer is lightweight, compact, portable, can be assembled or disassembled in seconds, and, of course, can be packed away in a convenient carry bag when not being used, concludes Kallast. 

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