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  • Feb 19, 2021



From a late-night poker game at a dealership to a land speed record and more, there are few tall tales from Texas as compelling as the 1950s creation of the “Texas Ceegar” and how it was destroyed and resurrected in 2004. Filmmaker Chris Gomersall has teamed with Daniel Peirce and Richard Asprey to tell the story of this legendary motorcycle. 

“I was speaking to Dennis Tackett for a micro-budget web series that fellow motorcycle friends Richard Asprey, Dan Peirce and I have been creating over the last year entitled My Motorcycle Journey with Richard Asprey: When I asked Dennis to tell me about his experience with the record-setting Texas Ceegar (after I came to grips with the funny name), I quickly realized the story of this revolutionary streamliner, built in Texas, was far too big in scope for an episode of our modest little series.”

Gear heads will love the tale but I'd like it to connect with any audience who wants to be engaged by the tale of stubborn men wanting to go faster than anyone else and the men who, decades later, helped preserve that legacy. Any good documentary worth its salt requires one thing: Access. Dennis Tackett, Keith Martin and other surviving members of the restoration crew are available to us for this project. The Project Manager of the restoration took loads of photos and videos, seemingly KNOWING they would be needed to tell the story in the future. The son and grandson of the original designer, Stormy Mangham, chime in with their memories. 

“Once the tale of the Texas Ceegar was shared with me, I saw the documentary possibilities,” says Gomersall. Check out the sizzle reel here:

Help kickstart the Texas Ceegar project here:

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