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  • Jun 09, 2021


Only three days until the worlds’ oldest motorcycle rally returns! Laconia 2021 is a go and will be celebrating 98 years of riding legacy. With the 2nd largest demographic of motorcycle riders in the country and host to the oldest Rally in the country, New Hampshire opens its doors to motorcycle enthusiasts June 12-20, 2021.

“Although our legacy as the World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally is because our Gypsy Tour began in 1916, our legacy continues because of our unmatched scenic riding throughout the beautiful State of New Hampshire,” note the event organizers. “Residents and businesses alike, welcome motorcyclists during the Rally every year in June. Join us as we continue the countdown to 100.”

Pandemic still have you locked down until June 15? Follow the festivities on FaceBook and Twitter, or click here:


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