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  • Jun 05, 2024


“People do not usually think about or fully appreciate the comparative benefits of riding for useful everyday transportation, and also tend to minimize the range of negatives resulting from a near-universal dependence on autos,” says Ride To Work Day founder Andy Goldfine. “Cars are wonderful vehicles, but the reasons to ride instead of drive go well beyond carbon footprints…” with that in mind he launched RTW 33 years ago! 

This year's 33rd annual Ride to Work Day has gone global and predicted to be one of the largest ever, according to the non-profit organization coordinating this annual event. Each year on this day more of America's 8,000,000+ motorcycles and scooters are ridden for practical and useful transportation. Estimates put the global number of additional motorcyclists on the road at 1,000,000… or more!

Ride to Work Day is about increasing public, business and government awareness. As Winston Churchill famously said: "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” This idea also applies to promoting a broader understanding of — and tolerance for — those who ride. By providing additional recognition and encouragement for those who ride we can shape the perception of our industry. 

Across equal distances, motorcycle riders typically reach their destinations up to 20% more quickly than those using automobiles, especially in traffic-congested areas. Motorcycles and scooters also use fewer resources per person, per mile, take up less space on roads and in parking areas, and leave their riders happier, more focused and more energized when they arrive compared to automobile drivers.

Note about Ride To Work Day 2024:

Ride To Work Day was previously held on the 3rd Monday in June which had the potential to coincide with the recently established United States federal holiday of Juneteenth when many businesses and government entities are now closed. Since Ride To Work Day is about riding to work, starting in 2024, it will now be held annually on the 2nd Tuesday in June. This day was chosen because: A) it breaks up the workweek better than a Monday day does (RTW Day is a demonstration day), and B) because a midweek day is more likely to receive media coverage than a Monday or Friday.

The Ride to Work website includes merchandise, information and free promotional support materials:

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