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  • Jan 20, 2023


We regret to inform our loyal customers that due to various business changes the Mitas North America social media feeds are being deactivated. This action is effective immediately both for FB & IG Channels. The Mitas team requests that athlete related activity (including tags, posts and other shared materials) should be directed to the primary Mitas Moto Channels @mitasmoto.

Note that all messages and requests for information received via the primary channels will be redirected back to the appropriate contacts. This includes all customer inquiries, dealer inquiries, product selection questions and other inquiries received through Mitas Moto SM channels.

The Mitas NA channel will be deleted completely but the Mitas NA IG channel will change names and be managed independently of any official Mitas activities. Riders are encouraged to continue to share to this page at their discretion but @mitas_tires_na will no longer be recognized as a Mitas associated channel.

Pro Riders and #teamMitas supported racers and brand ambassadors please check in with your brand rep for additional information on procedure changes for content pass-through to the primary Mitas feeds for 2023.

If you have feedback, questions or concerns please email them to with subject line “Mitas North America Social Media”. Please keep all feedback respectful. We thank all our North American customers, dealers and distributors for their loyal support of the Mitas brand and thank you for your understanding. Until then: “Mitas at the Races” and “Keep On Riding”!

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