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  • Apr 07, 2021


In an effort to keep moto thriving for the next generation, industry veteran John Simanovich has created Moto 4 Kids Racing, Inc. starting with a cadre of legendary SoCal tracks. “Whether you ride a 50-110cc, 65cc or 85cc we have a class for you,” he explains. Moto 4 Kids celebrates both the future and former stars of our sport.” Central to Simanovich’s concept is working with dealers to foster the relationship and inspire the next generation.

“The motorcycle dealership has always been about the experience, especially as a young rider/racer,” he says. “The cherished moments at the counter looking at the newest sticker or trying to get my hands on a pack of Hi-Flyer Motocross Trading Cards always stands out. That is why we partnered with a dealer from the beginning.

“During my time with TransWorld Motocross and through the many events we operated, the one SoCal dealer that supported those efforts was always Temecula Motorsports (TMS). Nearly a decade later, and now owning and operating my own Moto 4 Kids Racing Series, I knew it was only fitting to partner with a great dealership like TMS. Immediately Codi Greene the Marketing Director for TMS, Fun Bike Center and East Bay Motorsports understood my vision to support our future stars, but also how important it is for the kids to have that same experience at the dealer level… It's something you just can't replace!”

After proof of concept this season, Simanovich hopes to expand the program. More tracks, more dealer involvement and even beyond SoCal. Get more details at:

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