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  • May 29, 2024


“The new Moto Morini Corsaro 750 is moving art, a presence on the road with no comparison, a pure emotion…” that was the statement made in Milan when the wraps came off the concept bike at EICMA in Milan last fall. “It is a project born to interpret again a historical model of Moto Morini’s brand: the Corsaro. It is the perfect blend of values of the past, and particular items that characterize the future of Moto Morini.” Moto Morini USA capo Chris McGee was with us in Milan for the first showing of Moto Morini’s future and then presented it to the U.S. dealers at AIMExpo. 

So here we are in America, but it was a couple short months ago the wraps came off of this sportbike and set the world on fire with the new Moto Morini…

We were both at EICMA to see the debut of the future of Moto Morini. That future is the Corsaro Sport. We also have the Corsaro in a naked streetbike coming but this 750cc bike features our proprietary 90-degree V-Twin engine. After EICMA we are really happy to bring it to North America here at the AIMExpo 2024. 

This is the North American debut… but how soon will dealers be seeing this bike?

We don't have a production delivery date quite yet, but as soon as that information is released, you're going to be the first phone call I make… we do know that we're gonna get this to the dealers as soon as possible, but it is really high demand. We had great feedback from the dealers and the consumers that were at EICMA and we feel we're going to have the same response here. 

It's a beautifully designed bike… every Moto Morini model is designed, developed and engineered in our state-of-the-art design studios in Milano in Milan, Italy. So it has that unmistakable Moto Morini design, but also the performance and all the componentry… this is a high caliber, high end, ready to go, streetbike that's race ready as well. 

It was pretty crazy when the wraps came off of the Corsaro at EICMA, but you also unveiled the big version of the XCape, which was well received.

We've got another new engine, it's an 87-degree V-Twin which is in our new 1200 X-Cape. We are showing that here at AIMExpo 2024 as well. We also have our Calibro, which is our cruiser and a great entry level bike. You're going to get a great retail price with tremendous margins for the dealers and great support here in North America from our US offices in Irvine, California. We're shipping everything out of California — parts, bikes, everything — and we're here to service the dealers and get more riders on Moto Morini.

You've got a full support system - parts manuals in English, financing… everything is all dialed in. This is the real deal here. 

This is a real deal. Moto Marini is really invested in the US… this is going to be a mainstay brand, as much as Moto Morini has been a mainstay brand in Europe and the rest of the world since 1937. This is a major factory-backed initiative here in the US. You know Moto Morini is going to be here — It has been here since 1937, so it's not going anywhere! The evolution of the brand can clearly be seen with these new bikes here at AIMExpo. It is certainly important to us and important to our growing dealer base.

Including a full three-year warranty, one of the best in the business.

We call it the best warranty in motorcycling — three-year, unlimited mile warranty on all of our bikes. These bikes are going to be really competitively priced as well. Moto Morini comes in at an unbelievable value. Thank you, Robin. Thanks for everything you do a Dealernews.

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