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MX Revival Interview Part II Video

  • Dealernews
  • Apr 30, 2021


According to Webster’s dictionary, “revival” is an act or instance of reviving: a renewed attention to or interest in something. It is also a new presentation of something old and the restoration of force or validity. It even has a highly emotional evangelistic aspect… as in the old-fashioned revival tent meetings. The forthcoming Motocross Revival meets all of these definitions, and more!

Renowned motojournalist David Dewhurst has teamed with Vintage Iron founder and American Retrocross impresario Rick Doughty to take a step back in time and offer a heartfelt tribute to a magical period when talented and outspoken riders raced the most exciting factory machines ever built, while acknowledging the current resurgence of the motorcycle industry and to welcome the future of our sport into the fold… And then there is the greater cause for this evangelism: to help combat depression via the #MaxMatters‚Äč mental health initiative.

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