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  • Jul 05, 2024




Independence Day may be behind us, but National Powersport Auctions is declaring the industry’s independence from seasonal sales slumps due to a lack of key models. July is National Powersports Month! Founded by NPA in 2022, this month is dedicated to honoring all facets of powersports and inspiring enthusiasts to hit the road, trail, or water with enthusiasm and vigor.

“As the powersports industry continues to expand, so does the love for exhilarating outdoor adventures,” says VP of Sales Mike Murray. “National Powersports Month isn't just about motorcycles and ATVs; it encompasses a wide range of recreational and sporting vehicles designed for fun. From motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, PWC, jet boats, scooters and more, there's a vehicle for everyone to enhance their outdoor exploration and enjoyment.”

With great freedoms comes great responsibilities, so NPA has a couple of key amendments to our constitutional rights to recreate:

Practice Safety

Beyond the thrill and excitement, National Powersports Month emphasizes the importance of safety and education within the industry. It's an ideal time for individuals to learn new skills or hone their abilities through riding and driving courses, ensuring they can enjoy their adventures safely, whether on the road, track, or water.

Make Memories

Whether you're cruising along the coastline, navigating mountain trails, traversing the plains, or splashing into the water, this month is the perfect opportunity to embrace the joys of powersports with friends, family, and colleagues. Creating lasting memories through powersports adventures is an experience that spans a lifetime.

Get The Word Out

Help spread the passion. “We encourage powersports businesses and people in the industry to share in the celebration and education of everything powersports during the month of July,” declares Murray.  “Celebrate, ride, and make memories that will last forever.” 

For more information about National Powersports Month, a shareable logo and digital assets assets, click here: 

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