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  • Jul 21, 2021


Giant Group USA utilized the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows OUTDOORS season opener at Sonoma Raceway to further push into the powersports space. The world’s largest manufacturer of performance bicycles, Giant has been an industry leader in pedal-assist E-bike technology for two decades. John Thompson, General Manager of Giant Group USA, sat down with Dealernews’ columnist Eric Anderson and videographer Cullen Schiffren at Sonoma to explain the roll-out. 

“Giant Group has been crafting pedal-assist bikes since 1999, longer than any brand in the cycling space,” explains JT. “Our partnerships with Yamaha for motors and Panasonic for batteries create products built to our specific specifications, and, connected with our exclusive firmware and cycling know-how, make for the most natural pedal performance.”

He adds, “As we emerge from the restrictions of COVID-19, the new IMS OUTDOORS show format has allowed Giant to increase our outreach to powersports enthusiasts with a new mobile exhibit trailer that communicates the culture of the Giant brands, from history to financing to the innovative technology that makes Giant the industry leader in Hybrid Cycling Technology.”

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