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OSET Beginner eBike “Charging” Into 2020!

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  • Feb 12, 2020


The 12.5 Racing and Eco range are the perfect entry-level motorcycle that’s ideal for beginners and back yard riders age 3-5 who want to experience a real motorcycle with all the benefits that come with being electric such as ease of maintenance, very low running costs, no hot parts and being virtually silent.    

James Robertson, Head of Marketing and Sales at OSET said: “It’s more important than ever to get kids outside and encourage the next generation of riders to have fun on two wheels. Not only this but it is a great form of exercise and a real activity family can do together.  With screen time taking up more and more of our kid’s free time, we need outside to be more exciting than inside, and that’s exactly what a motorcycle from OSET delivers.

Customers should visit:  for more info on the full range of OSET Electric Motorcycles for kids.


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