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Polaris - Think Outside

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  • Jul 30, 2019


#ThinkOutside  Polaris has articulated the company’s corporate brand in a way that supports its vision, defines its pioneering spirit, sets it in the marketplace and expresses the value offered through its expansive products and services. “Our founders built the first snowmobile so they could embark farther into the snow-covered woods of northern Minnesota, and we have spent the last 65 years continuing to bring that pioneering approach to everything we do, from creating the first automatic ATV and sport-recreational side-by-side vehicle to introducing RIDE COMMAND and other technology solutions to assist in the adventure,” said Chairman and CEO Scott Wine. “Our evolved Polaris branding, Think Outside, articulates the unifying thread that runs across every product, experience and service we offer.”

In addition to Think Outside, the brand work includes a corporate brand purpose, updated logo and emblem, and visual-identity system focused on sharing the meaningful connections people have with outdoor work and play when supported by the right products and experiences. The last significant Polaris brand evolution took place in in 1981.

“The new brand tells our story in a way that connects us with our current consumers while also inviting new ones into the Polaris community," Wine added. "Over the next 10 years, we aim to grow our Polaris customer base by nearly 50%, both through people who currently know and enjoy powersports and by introducing new consumers to the space and all that Polaris has to offer.”

The new branding will appear across the company’s advertising, website and social channels. The new logo will roll out gradually to other areas of the business, including products that display the Polaris logo, buildings and other physical signage, over the course of the next several years.


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