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Since 1968 when three partners combined their initials to create the name, Sudco International had been the dealers’ source for go-fast goodies and replacement components for CB750s, Z1s, H1s, H2s and a whole lot more.  Before the Internet, Sudco was in every parts manager’s rolodex, so it is ironic that the news of Sudco shutting down came via social media.

First came the Facebook post that the warehouse was being cleaned out, but the April 1 dateline didn’t say it was everything and permanent. However it has since been amended to say: “Unfortunately, the rumor is true. If you need any items from us, get them right away.”

Sudco is one of America’s oldest and largest importer/distributor of motorcycle replacement parts and high-performance accessories. For decades we have provided dealers with the best available parts and services so they can serve their customers even better. We will continue to do this now and into the future, thanks to your continued support in allowing us to provide you with the high quality parts you need… We will do everything we can to make sure Sudco remains one of your main sources for quality replacement parts and accessories.

Sudco International is a major importer and distributor in America for top brand replacement parts, many of which are from the original equipment manufacturers that provide the OEM parts to the major Japanese and European manufacturers. Our product line includes quality products from Keihin, Mikuni, ART, JE, NGK, Vesrah, RK, Sunstar, Nology, Dynatek, Pingel, K&N, Motion Pro and others.

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