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  • Jun 09, 2021


”The Twisted Throttle operations team just pumped up the torque and twisted the throttle to the stops with the addition of Ravi Raghunandan at its helm as Director of Operations,” says Marisa McInturff, Director of Marketing and Web Content. She adds he is a versatile executive whose experience spans several industries, including the cosmetics display business, risk management and manufacturing. 

“The main principles of the plan are structure, innovation, automation while bringing lean management to the team at Twisted Throttle,” notes Raghunandan. “I look to bring a new approach of operations while offering cost-effective ways of reinvesting into Twisted Throttle to build the brand stronger than ever.” 

Popular product lines including SW-Motech, R&G, DENALI and Barkbusters will remain Raghunandan's focus. However, the DENALI Electronics will be highlighted as they expand into the SxS, ATV and 4x4 markets in 2021. To learn more about Twisted Throttle and their distributed brands, or to become a dealer, click here:


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