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  • Oct 05, 2020



Back in pre-pandemic January, Facebook changed its algorithms (again). “In 2020, Facebook is giving people more direct control over what they see,” was the official announcement. The algorithm is how Facebook decides which posts users see, and in what order, every time they check their newsfeeds. 

According to the experts at Hootsuite, the upshot of this transparency meant a further tightening of the reins in who sees what, particularly in the case of content marketing. “As of late 2019, average reach for Facebook posts was down by 2.2%, meaning that brands could reasonably expect their posts to be seen by about 5.5% of their Page’s followers. Big brands with massive follower counts can expect even lower averages.” It also helped weed out some of the people paying “click farms” for bogus traffic, but as fast as Facebook moves, the scammers and spammers seem to move even quicker!

By tightening down the taps on the flood of cute cat videos, Facebook also pushed its pay-to-play programs behind the scenes for folks looking to monetize their messages on the social media channel… fair enough since it is a “free” and “social” media, not an old-fashioned print publication or direct-mail piece. According to Facebook, one of the algorithm’s key ranking signals is whether a user has previously engaged with your Page… those likes and shares go a long way towards increasing your reach on future posts.

Dealernews must be doing something right since our reach and engagement continues to grow organically and people really want to see the content and treat our page as a community… as it should be. We have never paid for clicks and we don’t attempt to monetize any of our social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). At a time when less than 5% of our 7,847 followers should be able to see any given post, Facebook says we reached nearly 48,000 people in the last 28 days! Our engagement with these followers was up 2% to 14,600+ people who actively commented, clicked on and shared our posts (see attached). 

While we don’t have much cat video content, we do have cute photos of Malcolm Smith reading Mimi and Moto - The Motorcycle Monkeys books to his grandchildren mixed in with more important issues to dealers.  Regardless of the media, our mission remains the same:

Of The Dealer, By The Dealer, For The Dealer!

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