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STACYC’s Supercross Activation @ A1

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  • Jan 15, 2020


STACYC believes that experiencing two-wheels is the most important step in becoming a motorcycle rider so the powered-balance bike manufacturer has partnered with Supercross to win more hearts and minds by creating a Kids Ride Zone. The Official Youth Electric Bike of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season sponsorship comes with national television commercials, in-stadium jumbotron spots and most importantly Ride Zones at 12 SX venues where Kids ages 3 to 8 years old will have a chance to ride a STACYC on a custom, DIRT, demo track during the Supercross Fan Fest Party.

“Everyone thinks motorcycles are cool,” says CEO & Co-Founder, Ryan Ragland. “I built the first STACYC for my son because I wanted him to feel the same excitement for motorcycles as I had and I wanted it to happen sooner. As an industry, if we can get more people, young or old on two-wheels sometime in their life, we can create more motorcycle riders.”

Ragland adds, “Supercross is a great forum to engage with fans of motorcycles that may not have had the chance to actually ride yet. With our Kids Ride Zone, we can Share the Love of Riding with hundreds of kids just a few hours. This is our way of filling the pipeline and creating the next generation and we think it’s pretty impactful!”

For more information about the STACYC Kids Ride Zone and to find out which rounds the kiddos can test ride in the pits, visit and click on the events tab. 

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