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  • Feb 05, 2021



Cutting to the chase: the 2022 Hayabusa is the quickest one in history (see chart). However the real story is how the Ultimate Sport Bike eclipsed the generation 2 version in a case of less is more in order to meet EPA/CARB/Euro 5 emissions standards. The 2022 Hayabusa has 550 new or redesigned parts, all with a focus on delivering the ultimate and balanced sportbike experience.

“The development team was fully committed to preserving all that made the Hayabusa a legend, while creating a new generation version ready to carry riders into the future,” proclaims Suzuki. “The result faithfully reflects Suzuki’s ongoing commitment to fine craftsmanship and to focusing on every detail to get them right.”

When launched in 1999, the first generation Hayabusa shocked the motorcycle world by delivering a whole new level of speed, power and overall performance. It instantly gained the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle and gave birth to the Ultimate Sportbike category. Even though the industry’s adoption of a self-imposed 185 mph (299 km/h) limit soon put an end to the era of top speed wars, the Hayabusa’s outstanding performance across all metrics combined with its nimble handling and eye-catching appearance to keep it in the category’s number-one position for the past two decades.

A good target point since the first generation 1999-2007 Hayabusa sold more than 189,100 units. A full model change in 2008 retained all the hallmark features of the original Hayabusa, while increasing engine displacement and introducing new features that included a bold new body design. Further enhancement of performance in 2013 upgraded the front brakes and introduced an Anti-locking Brake System (ABS). These new features helped sell another 74,100 units over the life of the second generation, bringing total sales of the Hayabusa to more than 189,100 units… more than just a cult bike for speed junkies. 

The new-generation Hayabusa was developed not only to achieve an even higher overall balance of ultimate performance and comply with worldwide emissions standards, but also to capture the hearts of both devoted followers and all who lay eyes on the stunning beauty of its bold new design. From the beginning Hayabusa has been positioned to provide greater horsepower and torque than any other sportbike at engine speeds up to 6,000 rpm. The new Hayabusa lives up to this legacy as the ultimate sportbike, delivering even smoother torque and more power through the low- to mid-range, making it even faster and more controllable.

Although the engine, chassis and aero bodywork have all been extensively redesigned. It is the “Suzuki Intelligent Ride System” of advanced electronics that make the 2022 Hayabusa the quickest and most user-friendly of the flock. Everything from launch control to a hill hold system has been engineered into S.I.R.S. 

• Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-α) featuring a selection of 3 factory preset and 3 user definable modes.

    - Motion Track Traction Control System (10 modes plus OFF) - Power Mode Selector (3 modes)

    - Bi-directional Quick Shift System (2 modes plus OFF)

    - Anti-lift Control System (10 modes plus OFF)

    - Engine Brake Control System (3 modes plus OFF)

• Active Speed Limiter

• Launch Control System (3 modes plus OFF)

• Suzuki Easy Start System

• Low RPM Assist

• Cruise Control System

• Combined Brake System

• Motion Track Brake System

• Slope Dependent Control System

• Hill Hold Control System

Stay tuned for more details in the next issue.



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