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  • Sep 23, 2022



LGP Powersports has partnered with Durelle Racing to offer the Mitas H-18 flat track tire for sale in the U.S. “The Mitas Dirt Track Tires have gone through an extreme amount of testing over the years in order to bring the Dirt Track community a performance driven tire at an affordable price,” says flat tracker and Pike’s Peak legend Davey Durelle. “Scott Baker, Sammy Halbert, Mikey Rush, Robbie Pearson, John Kocinski and others have been testing, racing and winning on these tires at a variety of racetracks throughout the U.S.”

One of Europe’s oldest and most respected motorcycle tire brands, Mitas specializes in tires for motocross, enduro, rally, trial, all-terrain and now flat track competition. They also offer an award-winning line of high-performance adventure touring, sport touring, sport, custom and classic tires. Part of the Trelleborg Group, Mitas has developed a reputation of performance, quality and excellence among motorcycle riders around the world.

“The Medium Front has outperformed all other tires on all track surfaces,” claims Durelle. “We are also testing the New Soft compound and they have been working very well and showing good wear. The new Soft Rear was developed for non-abrasive tracks or cold weather and indoor type tracks where you want and need a softer compound.”

When things heat up Durelle recommends old reliable: “The Medium Rear has been the standard tire we have used for years. They outperform all other tires on loose, cushion-type tracks and now we have had a lot of success with them on hardpack tracks.”

The fronts are available in 3 compounds: Soft (double green stripe), Med (single green stripe) and DOT (no stripe). The Rears are available in 3 compounds: Soft (double green stripe), Med (single green stripe) and DOT (no stripe). Order your Mitas H-19 tires direct from Durelle Racing:

For tech specs or more information on Mitas H-18 flat track tires, roll over to LGP: 




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