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  • Jun 19, 2024


As Turn 14 straightens out its range of powersports product lines, they are looking for segment leaders. For bars and chainwheels, the distribution giant looked to Renthal. James Kramer, Divisional Purchasing Manager at Turn 14 Distribution says, "Renthal is a household name in the powersports industry. Their rich history of innovation reflects our own mindset at Turn 14 Distribution, and we're delighted to form this partnership.”

For newcomers to powersports, Renthal's remarkable history began in 1969 when Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal joined forces to build a better handlebar. The iconic brand name (RENshaw and rosenTHAL) became synonymous with the revolution of aluminum handlebars. In 1975, Renthal entered the motocross market, establishing a full-time production facility in Manchester, UK, where the company still resides today. 

Back in October 2000, a fire destroyed the Renthal factory, but this created the opportunity to build an all-new state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facility. Today Renthal's 49,000 sq/ ft. factory houses a diverse range of production, quality control and R&D machinery. “Renthal consistently delivers high-quality products trusted by professional riders and enthusiasts,” adds Kramer. “Its product lineup now includes a wide range of handlebars, grips, sprockets and other accessories designed to enhance performance and durability.”

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