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  • May 04, 2021


As Alex Baylon suggests in this month’s Personnel Files, it is time for every business to do a little undercover work, even if you don’t pop for the whole “mystery shopper” exposé provided by Pied Piper. “When the show first launched in 2010, I remember thinking it was the coolest concept ever,” says founder. “What a great way for company leaders to not only understand their business, but to see it through the eyes of the employees and customers. Because it feels like we all are doing more with less these days and we need to refocus on our business after the past year.

“What do I mean by that? Well… since the Pandemic started, we have had to lay off employees, make do with skeleton crews, do business by appointment only and more. Now that things have started to go back to somewhat normal, we all need to do a little undercover work. What policies and who do we bring back?”

Baylon suggests “If the new normal is having record sales month after month while slashing employee overhead, it is time to see what is necessary. What I'm talking about is how this overwhelming amount of business is being handled with less than 100% staff.”

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