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Dealernews TOP 100 Leaders In Powersports

  • Dealernews
  • May 10, 2019


We interrupt this program… to introduce a more important program. The Dealernews Top 100 was the industry’s largest, longest running and most prestigious store design and marketing awards program in the industry. For 25 years we recognized dealership excellence… and will again at some point.  However, as the magazine returns to its former level of leadership, the Top 100 at this year’s AIMExpo is expanding to recognize the Dealernews TOP 100 People In Powersports.

People make this industry advance, progress, evolve, stretch and succeed. Companies, corporations, boards, products, statistics, sales, marketing and investment capital can all grease the skids for success, but it is the stand-out individuals that are the true pillars of our industry. Now is the time to recognize the leaders who make powersports the greatest industry in the world. 

True leadership has nothing to do with hierarchy or position; it has nothing to do with imposing views, instead leadership is the attitude assumed by those looking for something different, who are committed to achieving a goal and whose conviction they manage to transmit to others through enthusiasm and optimism to reach a common goal. We believe it is critically important to honor the true leaders of this industry.

Of course, there wasn’t room for everyone, but there was serious consideration to making sure those on the final listing were the leaders, disruptors, change agents, entrepreneurs and teachers that made a real difference in how the industry has evolved and moved forward over the past five decades. Because there are already Halls of Fame for racers, trailblazers and legends, the Dealernews Top 100 People in Powersports is focused on men and women in the “business” of powersports highlighting what they have contributed to make the entire pie bigger and more wholesome for all of us.  



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