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  • May 10, 2022







Zero Motorcycles made a strategic shift to Customer Experience (CX). As the primary point of contact, dealers are the integral component in the new program, being supported by a new in-house team. The new CX team will oversee streamlining and enhancement areas of concern for riders everywhere, including lead engagement, service requests, and creation and distribution of service manuals creation, among other duties.

“We're proud of having the best dealers in the business carrying Zero Motorcycles and aim to provide world-class, unmatched training and support for two wheeled electric vehicles. That's why the new CX team at Zero has been designed from the ground up to effortlessly integrate into our dealer network's operations,” explains Mike Cunningham, VP of Sales for the Americas at Zero Motorcycles. “The new CX improvements range from an improved online training platform, new field service staff, and a growing archive of training tools that will all fit seamlessly into powersports dealerships' existing systems.

The new department will be split between the creation and distribution of technical training materials and the public-facing service handling for the global dealer network and owners alike. Balancing the two areas of focus will be a pair of industry veterans with a host of dealer and OEM experience spanning a total of more than 40 years and with proven excellence in service, sales, and marketing capacities; Garrett Johnson and Chris Langlois.

“The sum total of our experience with customer contacts includes more than just our dealer network and current owners, that’s why we’re thrilled to have leaders in place with expertise managing issues that can arise anywhere in Zero’s global footprint that spans into dozens of countries,” adds Cunningham. This change took place internally in April. Now the newly organized department is introducing new technical training to dealers as well as client relations training to the Zero teams in public facing roles.


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