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  • Oct 16, 2020




It is not often that we would call a website a true work of art, but in this case it is literally and figuratively true! Dealernews staff artist and world renown illustrator Hector Cademartori has created a virtual art gallery… and unlike a trip to the Louvre, you can take these masterpieces home with you! “All the products in this website are organic, gluten free, non-GMO, do not contribute to global warming and no animals have been injured in the production of the artwork,” jokes our affable Argentinean friend.

“Seriously, I’ve been producing motorsports artwork for more than 40 years, loved every minute of it, supported my family (and my family supported me), did business with great companies and organizations, met incredible individuals and, along the way, forged wonderful friendships.”

Along the way, he has compiled an amazing portfolio of art, and while we are partial to the covers he has done for Dealernews over the years, it was in the pages of Cycle World that Hector touched the lives of millions of motorcyclists. “For over 20 years I produced monthly illustrations for Cycle World Magazine's Letters and Service sections. They were black and white, pen and ink illustrations and I really enjoyed doing them. They illustrated a letter to the editor or to the service section that Paul Dean wrote. They may not make sense out of context because they illustrated a specific subject but I hope you'll enjoy the art anyway.”

He also did some car stuff… but it is the two motorcycle-dedicated sections that appealed to us. Caveat emptor: “I should mention that this is not a copy or a reproduction, this is the original illustration, therefore, when it's gone, it's gone.”

If you have a favorite illustration from Dealernews or Cycle World get to the site ASAP!

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