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  • "Just wanted to provide you with some immediate feedback. Just read the new issue cover to cover and really enjoyed submersing myself in all it had to offer. Thank you and your team for taking the time to put together such a great book!

    I'm pumped!

    Managing Director, Recruiter
    ACTION Recruiting Inc."

    Overall Rating:
    Jan Plessner
  • "I received the new Dealernews and it was right on track, excellent articles and test reports on products."

    Overall Rating:
    Michael Moskowitz
  • "WOW - I haven't seen this many pages in a Powersports dealer magazine in a long, long time. Dealernews knocked it out of the park with the relaunch of the magazine. Welcome Back DN (now let's Get Dealer Expo in Indy up and running!) Thanks Alex Baylon, Eric Anderson, Robin Hartfiel, Donald Musick, A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson for making it happen. #motorcycleindustry #dealeroperations"

    Overall Rating:
    Mike Jackson
  • "Knockout! Looks better than a lot of newsstand motorcycle magazines. Lots of good, in-depth stuff. This is an excellent product. Good work."

    Overall Rating:
    J Peter "The Bear" Thoeming
  • "It's great seeing Dealernews back in print. I remember reading the issues when I started in the powersports business many, many years ago. Always full of great relevant content. And who can forget those Cincinnati and Indianapolis shows of the late 80's & 90's during the boom of the powersports business. The new issue is excellent quality, well written and an absolute must for the successful powersports dealer.
    Well done. 👍"

    Overall Rating:
    Scott Lucaitis
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