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  • Mar 15, 2024


In conjunction with its Q4 reports and Vision 2026 plan, RumbleOn announced a branding change for the company's proprietary cash offer for pre-owned powersports vehicles program. Now known as the “RideNow Cash Offer”, the cash offer system will be expanded into the company’s 54 dealerships, which RumbleOn refers to as its “RideNow Powersports Dealers. “We are moving forward, singularly focused on the RideNow brand for our powersports business," notes RumbleOn CEO Mike Kennedy. "This means consumers can easily understand that they are working with a high quality, trusted partner when they enter any one of our 54 RideNow dealerships."

RumbleOn is a leader in pre-owned motorcycle sales, largely with the assistance of a proprietary online tool, now known as the RideNow Cash Offer, allowing consumers to quickly and easily receive an offer, then sell their motorcycle into the RideNow Powersports network of dealers.

“When we incorporate the RideNow Cash Offer into our RideNow dealerships, we're raising the standard for convenience and customer service in the powersports industry,” added Cam Tkach, RideNow's National Director of Preowned. “The trusted cash offer process remains the same, whether online or in-store. We’re now engaging every one of our locations to make it the best possible experience for our customers.”

Primarily serving the Sun Belt states, RideNow Powersports dealerships carry more than 50 OEM brands. Parent company, RumbleOn, initially acquired two large dealership groups, after which it made smaller acquisitions, ultimately becoming the largest powersports retailer in the United States. While still operating as independent businesses, each dealership will be part of RideNow Powersports.

The rebranding of materials will begin immediately and continue until the process is completed with the company’s physical and online presence. Dealerships will continue to have individual names but will be part of the RideNow Powersports brand.

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