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  • Jan 06, 2021


“With nearly 20 years of transactional data, we help banks, investors, manufacturers and dealers accurately understand the direction of the industry,” says National Powersport Auctions VP of Marketing Ryan Keefe. “NPA’s auction values and Value Guide have become the authoritative source for values on powersport vehicles of all types.”  Now NPA's Weekly Auction Insight Report provides a snapshot of the pre-owned market based on transactional data collected at each auction.

Each week NPA provides data for both the on-road and off-road segments, including: 

- Weekly Average Sale Price 

- Average Mileage and Model Age 

- Average Sale Price vs MSRP 

- Average Sale Price vs Book Value 

“Last week was another short week; we had the HDFS Year-End auction and an NPA eSale month-end push,” Keefe explains. “This week is our start to the 2021 auction cycle.”

Report Highlights

-On-Road weekly ASP jumped over $2,000 compared to the previous week. This is the highest jump in price for the On-Road section this year. The spike is due to a majority of the bikes sold last week were Harley-Davidson.

-Off-Road weekly ASP dropped over $3,000 compared to the previous week. Small volume and a smaller amount of Side-by-sides sold this week has driven down the average sale price.

-Average mileage in the On-Road category reached a yearly low in the last week of 2020 along with a low in average model age. The main driver for this lower mileage was Metric cruisers.

Industry Insights

-The percentage of trade-ins at dealerships across the country continue to decline.

-Service departments remain full.

-New inventory is still limited.

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