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Dealernews LIVE! Dave Kimmey Video

  • Dealernews
  • May 08, 2019


Legends & Heroes honored Engine Ice founder Dave Kimmey at the final round of the Supercross series in Las Vegas. However Dave honored Dealernews by giving us the scoop on the latest from Engine Ice at the AIMExpo. And he nailed it in one take... with not prompting from the studio audience!

Dave picked up his passion for motorcycling from his family. His brother Ken that gave him the motorcycling bug. Along with their dad Ed and uncle David, the brothers would travel to tracks near their Florida home. Dave found racing success locally in the late '70s before moving on to other ways of staying involved in the sport. Over the years he wrote for the local racing paper County Wheels News, flagged at local tracks like RPMC and did everything except sell concessions at Pepsi Air Dania MX Park in Florida. It was there that the thought for Engine Ice was born.

In the late 1990s, four-strokes were just coming into popularity, and they ran extremely hot. Dave knew something was wrong and worked with a friend in the automotive business to come up with an alternative to the coolant used by the OEMs. Testing was done by many of Florida’s up and coming racers, including James Stewart, Matt Goerke, the Renners and Davi Millsaps all had a hand in the testing stages of the product.

By April of 2000, Engine Ice was on the national stage with Jason Thomas as the first professionally sponsored rider benefiting from the performance of the coolant. Now nearly 20 years later, Dave is still at the races supporting riders and talking about Engine Ice.

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