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  • Mar 17, 2023



Green may be the color of the day, but red was the color of the year! Ducati dealers delivered a record 61,562 motorcycles in 2022, generating more than 1 billion euros for the Borgo Panigale-based operation. Ducati closes a year full of successes posting record figures for sales, revenue and operating profit on top of sweeping the motorcycle manufacturer titles in MotoGP and WorldSBK.

“For the first time in our history, we passed the 60,000-bikes mark and we overtook 1 billion euros in revenue,” claims CEO Claudio Domenicali. “This establishes 2022 as the best year ever for Ducati in several aspects, starting from the great sales and financial performance to the successes in MotoGP and WorldSBK. We are on a positive trend that in the last years has seen Ducati grow and establish itself as an increasingly solid company. As a brand that is an expression of ‘Made in Italy’ innovation, design and technology, we keep our focus on delivering exciting experiences on and off motorcycles to passionate Ducatisti all over the world.”

“I am glad that for the second year in a row we are able to announce a record financial performance and a growth in the profitability level for Ducati, notes Ducati CFO Henning Jens. He breaks down the numbers: 1 billion euros (1,089 million euros), marking an increase of 24% over 2021 (878 million euros).  Operating profit was a record 109 million euros, corresponding to 77% growth compared to 2021 (61 million euros). As a result, the profitability was up 10%. Ducati closed the year with a record of 61,562 motorcycles delivered to enthusiasts around the world, up 3.6% over 2021.”

Jens sums it up, saying, “Reaching such results despite the supply chain disruption that has heavily affected the automotive sector during the course of 2022 is a remarkable achievement of the whole Ducati Group. We were also able to pursue the self-financed investment plan in R&D, infrastructures and digitalization that was in our agenda for 2022.”


Ducati dealers delivered! The Sales network continued to grow over the past year, and at the end of 2022, there were 821 Ducati dealerships, the highest number ever. With the addition of new markets, including cover Dealer Bob Henig opening up the Maryland market, as well as global expansion in Brunei, Ecuador, El Salvador and Mongolia, Ducati is now in 96 markets around the globe.

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