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  • Jul 06, 2021


July 4th was a twofer for Dealernews as it not only marked our nation’s birthday but the official re-launch of the title. The wheels were set in motion a couple months before when former publisher John Murphy called Dealer and Dealernews owner Bob Althoff enquiring about the status of the magazine which seemed to have gone dark in December of 2017. Fast forward to our version of the Second Continental Congress where we created the Dealernews’ declaration of what we felt could be done on behalf of the Nation’s Dealers. Of the Dealer, by the Dealer and for the Dealer.

As Bob Althoff’s column in the current issue notes, AIMExpo is our industry Lynchpin and from day one, Dealernews has been all in to support the show. Its absence from the schedule has greatly impacted our industry at a time when we were the most vulnerable is Bob’s contention and we all need to get back together again. “What have we missed since last we gathered in Columbus way back in 2019? Education; celebrations; recognitions; thought-provoking keynotes; hugs and handshakes; meeting new friends and renewing old; test rides and flat tracking; inspiration and cold beer— to name a few of my favorite things.  

“Let's face it, you can't have an industry without the regular face-to-face gathering of the clan.  AIMExpo is that important!

“We believed then. And we believe now. You must join us in Vegas in January. Failure on your part to do the things necessary to be a vital and engaged industry supporter makes you a part of the problem.  Being there; voting with your feet and your dollars and your mind, makes you a part of the solution.”


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