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  • Mar 27, 2024


“Freedom Road Financial has partnered with Kove Moto USA and our growing network of dealers to help get more people out and riding,” says Kove USA's Gary Goodwin. “We are working weekly to get some established and proven powersports dealers into our network, and will be adding more locations to our website as quickly as we can.”

As with his GPX line Goodwin says the mission is the same for Kove. “Our vision is simple: We provide high-quality motorsports products at VERY reasonable prices – you don’t have to sacrifice high-quality for a lower price-point!” There are three pillars to the plan:

1) Redefine what is possible to deliver in the motorsports industry by providing BOTH affordability and high-quality products for motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages.

2) Create a positive and affordable experience for our dealers and customers when it comes to recreational fun.

3) Provide a viable profit center to small motorsports dealers who, regardless of their approach, often suffer at the hands of big-box retail outlets.

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