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  • Mar 29, 2024

Speaking of motorcycle safety, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is opening up access to four eCourses. These virtual sessions could be a great way for your dealership to pre-run a Ride Day/Skills Check in your region. “Previously only available through training providers as part of an MSF RiderCourse, we are making all of our eCourses available to the public on our website,” explains Robert Gladden, Vice President of Training Operations, Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

“These courses are the perfect way to get your rider mindset back after the winter break,” notes Gladden. “And as always for new riders, the best way to get started riding is with the complete Basic RiderCourse, which includes an eCourse and hands-on training. Once enrolled, students may repeat the eCourses as a refresher in the future.” Virtual video course work now includes:

Basic eCourse — $19.99, a 3-hour program that serves as a great introduction to motorcycling

Street Strategies — $19.99, for those who already have riding experience, this course emphasizes the mental aspects of safe riding and focuses on street strategies to help riders navigate the challenges of riding in traffic

Human Factors — $19.99, focuses on the social and emotional aspects of safe and responsible riding; for newer riders and experienced motorcyclists

Basic RiderCourse ePackage1 — $39.99, combines the Basic eCourse and Human Factors courses; used in the MSF Basic RiderCourse

Basic RiderCourse2 ePackage2 — $39.99, combines the Street Strategies and Human Factors courses; used in the MSF Basic RiderCourse2 for experienced riders

“These courses are available so everyone can always work to ride their best,” concludes Gladden. Click here for the full program:

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