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  • Mar 29, 2024



After successfully proving the concept in 2023, MSF has rolled out its schedule of 25 RIDE Day events at dealers and ranges from Alaska to Virginia in 2024. Pilot programs were conducted at a couple of dealerships Dealernews recently profiled, including Coleman PowerSports in Virginia and Destination Cycle in Texas. 

“Through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s RIDE Day, we have created an engaging activity that connects current and curious riders with proper rider training,” explains Corey Eastman, Director of Rider Education Expansion for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “As we have developed the event over the past 18 months, nearly 1,000 participants have taken part at 12 locations around the country — 28% of them have gone on to complete an MSF course while an additional 24% are planning to take an MSF course in the future.”

The program is certainly scalable, according to Eastman MSF recognizes nearly 2,000 training sites across the country where MSF-certified coaches teach motorcycle riding curricula. Each of these locations are eligible to host RIDE Days of their own.  Regardless of the range, the two key elements of RIDE Day are MOTO Intro and SKILLS Check. Events can feature either or both of these activities.

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