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  • May 10, 2022


TV commentator Georgia Lindsay and KTM racing hero Ryan Dungey teamed up to host the global on-line unveil of KTM’s 2023 SX motocross bikes on May 10th. Although the presentation was titled “Nothing Changes” in reference to KTM’s legacy on the track — KTM has won 5 AMA 450 Supercross titles since 2015, 30 of 51 possible MX World titles since 2000, 12 of the last 14 MX2 World titles, and 8 MXGP titles since 2010.  Meanwhile, virtually everything changes on the 2023 motorcycles! From foot pegs to handlebars, chassis to powerplant the SX and SX-F models are most definitely changed from 2022!

“These are the most innovative and high-performing ready to race production motocross bikes ever built,” said Lindsay, setting up Dungey’s 6 points of what it takes to win on the track and the specific features engineered into the bikes to make every rider a winner. And Dungey admits to having been out at Glen Helen riding the new 450 leading up to the launch… and his return to racing! More on that later.

“These bikes are next-level, the rideabilty and control are amazing,” says Dungey.  KTM’s commitment to doing whatever it takes is what drew him to the brand back in 2012. “A lot of people thought it was career suicide but in a short time we were able to get our first win, our first title and many championships after that.” Starting with the brand new chassis, Dungey pointed out each of the highlights, but cutting to the chase, partnerships with companies such as KEIHIN, PANKL and Brembo means performance possibilities have expanded. The 2023 KTM SX range feature 2 maps (one standard, softer and linear power and another for a more aggressive response), launch control, traction control, quick-shifter, a ‘roll-over’ sensor, an hourmeter as standard with electronic fuel injection status and a fuel indicator through the Keihin engine management system.

The 2-strokes may be even more impressive. At a time when most OEMs are exiting the space, KTM has added a ton of technology and a new open class 300cc model. The new engines feature fuel injection, electric start and electronic powervalve.

2023 KTM SX highlights include:

• New, innovative and highly advanced generation of KTM SX motorcycles with unrivaled feeling and performance across 12 different models and the most complete collection from kids to Pros

• Brand new anti-squat frame concept with redesigned and revitalized chassis setting and architecture. Even more mass centralization

• Ergonomics bringing the rider in closer contact with the bike to help the stability, agility and feel

• Lighter, more powerful engines and distinctive fuel injected 2-stroke motors

• Greater usability to make the motocross experience easier and more intuitive than ever before

Watch out for a very special and exclusive video series on KTM digital channels to further breakdown the 2023 KTM SX range:



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