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  • Oct 14, 2020


NPA isn’t the only outfit getting new digs. Powerhouse Brands — a.k.a. Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension and Burly Brand — will move its operations from La Palma, California, to a “brand” new facility in Cerritos, California. The move to the new company headquarters will support a 44% increase in the number of employees and will allow for the addition of a full second shift.  The move will begin later this year after the new location is completed by A.R Mays Construction.  Powerhouse Brands expects to have the move completed in Q1 2021. 

"It's a short ride from La Palma to Cerritos, but it will have a huge impact on Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension and Burly Brand," said company CEO and President Chris Lindstrom. "Our new facility presents an opportunity for us to re-engineer our design, manufacturing and distribution processes which will result in improved efficiency and increased production capacity.  This will be a big win for our customers in improved delivery time”  

The new facility offers several features that improve design, testing, production, shipping and employee experience. Benefits are said to include:

-Quality Lab size increased by 27% with improved testing capabilities 

-New research and design labs and an engineering lab that is 20% larger than current facility 

-Enhanced testing capabilities with In-house wheel testing, brake system testing and In-house suspension testing 

-In-house polishing department to ensure high quality product finishes 

-In-house assembly and packaging using the latest technology and automation 

-Warehouse space increased by 70% to provide better order fill rate 

-Updated offices to support employee collaboration 

-Automatic touchless doors in main paths of employee travel

"With demand surging in 2020, we are preparing for continued growth in the custom motorcycle business," Lindstrom continued. " Dealers are seeing a tremendous increase in the sales of used motorcycles. That is ideal for us as our custom wheels, brake systems, controls, accessories, and suspension products are all great items to purchase to personalized and enhance a rider’s experience." 


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