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  • Sep 07, 2022


Miles Shugg is now “handling” Sales & Marketing for Phoenix Handlebars. A lifelong enthusiast but new to the industry, Shugg decided to do more than dip his toe into the pool, he jumped in with both feet! “We haven’t fully identified what part he will play with sales and marketing,” shrugs Phoenix founder Jason Gearld. “But we wanted to get him on board and he can help define his role. He’s learning the industry but is pretty sharp when it comes to business ideas.” Shugg lives in Arizona and has been running his own pool cleaning business to support his moto habit — no shortage of pools in the Valley of the Sun! “He’s fast on a dirt bike and is pretty connected in the AZ moto scene and it would be good for Phoenix to have a toehold in Phoenix, AZ,” adds Gearld. “Being a part of a small company and building it from the ground up is what made this so much more exciting,” says Shugg. “I saw something that I believed in and wanted to bring my passion to the party. Here we are. Let’s rip."

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