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  • Jun 17, 2022

Christopher Bronstorp

Kris Odwarka

Dealernews profiled his Harrison Eurosport dealership in December 2018


BMW Alumni meeting at Motos:  Christopher Bronstorp, formerly with BMW Motorrad USA, is the new director of Dealer Operations at Motos America. “I want to thank Vance Harrison for giving me this amazing opportunity to oversee Motos America Inc. BMW, Ducati and Triumph Dealerships throughout the United States,” he says. “It was tough to leave BMW Motorrad USA and I am very grateful for the opportunity the BMW Group provided, so thank you! I was so fortunate to work with such an amazing group of passionate people, and lucky enough I will still be able to work with many of them in my new role.”

Earlier this year, Salt Lake City-based Motos America Inc. announced that former BMW North America and Husqvarna executive Kris Odwarka has been named president. Motos America closed its first round of financing, raising $5 million from private investors. The company plans to use the proceeds of this offering for working capital to expand its base of luxury brand motorcycle dealerships across the U.S., including the acquisition of three dealerships in Florida: Motorcycles of Orlando, Motorcycles of Tampa and Motorcycles of Daytona.

"We are well on our way to achieving our dealership acquisition target," said Vance Harrison, CEO of Motos America and a dealer principal in his own right: Dealernews profiled his Harrison Eurosport dealership in December 2018  "The company sees a particular opportunity in BMW, Ducati and Triumph motorcycle dealerships. "These luxury brands, with their well-heeled customer base, are expected to continue to add to their aggregate market share in the coming years, and we expect to help that happen."

"The low number of BMW, Ducati and Triumph motorcycle dealers nationally dampens intra-brand competition and supports margins," Odwarka added. “BMW, Ducati and Triumph, each have a total of less than 160 dealers in the U.S. This is as opposed to the four Japanese motorcycle brands (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki) and Harley-Davidson each having between 600-1,500 domestic dealers.”


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