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  • Feb 02, 2024



Rawrr (Booth #7122) will be sounding off at AIMExpo with industry veteran Tim Calhoun taking over as President of Sales & Marketing. Having played a crucial role in the eMoto market innovator since its inception, Calhoun will be managing all daily operations of Rawrr Inc. Calhoun's influence has been pivotal, overseeing the recruitment and training of the national sales team and establishing a robust network of 220 dealers nationwide.

“I am proud of the work and product development we have done to date,” claims Calhoun. “Setting up over 200 dealers last year was hard work, but I really enjoyed getting to know most of these dealers across the U.S. I am looking forward to delivering several diversified models that address market needs with variance in size, power, price points and segments served… I think dealers will be very excited about our 2024 offerings and brand growth."

The growing eMoto market demands a DOT-compliant motorcycle. Calhoun emphasized the importance of providing an affordable and fun option for legally ridden, trained, and licensed riders. To that end, the team will unveil Rawrr’s Mantis "S" — a fully DOT-compliant enduro model — at the AIMExpo. This model promises versatility, customization, daily transportation, utility and affordability for consumers. "We will be at AIMExpo next week, looking to expand our dealer network and introduce our first of three new models in 2024."

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