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  • Feb 21, 2024

Big news at AIMExpo was a mini tire changer from Rabaconda. Incorporating all the benefits of its benchmark Dirt Bike Tire Changer — a tool loved by thousands of professional racers, mechanics, and weekend warrior —  the Mini Tire Changer is made to quickly and easily change motorcycle tires from 10”-17”, which are often some of the most difficult tires to change.

“As a father of boys who love to ride, I am all too familiar with the nuisance that is changing a kids dirt bike tire,” says Rabaconda co-founderJakob Saks. “I’ve pinched several tubes while swapping tires on my sons’ Yamaha TTR 110 over the years… and having to put on studded 12” winter tires is truly a nightmare!” We feel your pain and share the busted knuckles to prove it, Jakob.

Staying true to the hallmarks of Rabaconda tire changers, the Mini Tire Changer is an extremely small and portable tool. It can be assembled in minutes and quickly broken down/stowed away in the convenient Rabaconda carrying bag when not in use.

“We chose to address this problem that many other motocross dads have all hated and created the Mini Tire Changer… I’m no longer dreading having to swap tires on my kids bikes! We’re thrilled to be able to offer another innovative tire solution that helps make such a widely hated task easier than ever.”

If you missed the mini magic in Las Vegas, call Rabaconda Inc. 1-646-933-1298 or e-mail

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